Welcome to The Race Factory

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new game project.

In a similar vein to my last project: The Tower Defense Factory (TTDF), I'm now working on The Race Factory (TRF).

Like TTDF, TRF is largely focused on multiplayer and customization, with a track editor, plenty of game modes, local and network multiplayer and tonnes of fun to be had.

Currently development has been focused on the track editor, designing track pieces, sorting the UI out, adding a racing line editor to allow AI in user-made tracks, saving/loading systems. The track editor is mostly complete now, I'm just adding scaling of objects to allow creators to make wider/narrower tracks if they wish. After that I will be working on the multiplayer aspects, such as split-screen/shared-screen local multiplayer and then the lobby system for network games, before finally tackling network multiplayer.

Vehicular combat will also be a part of the game, with 8 weapons planned, currently 1 is implemented into the game, a simple bolt weapon which will slow enemies down and cause the back-end of their car to kick out from behind them.

I will release screenshots as soon as I've worked a bit on the graphical side of things and the games UI, as many sprites are currently placeholders.

I will post a new update later on in April.

Until then!

- Oliver Stogden

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